Sunday, March 24, 2013

Day 68 – When it Rains it Pours

This morning was another really rough morning.  We were running late to get to church and then were a bit ornery toward each other (my wife and I that is).  We got to the point that when we got to church we didn’t really feel like going inside—like everything we were there for we just violated on the way… Of course we did go in and am glad we did but for a few good minutes in-be-tween I was ready to skip out on church and find a big fat juicy hamburger!

Just a little continuation of my pitty party from a few days ago—but nothing like a few Sunday School lessons to put you back on track.  We heard exactly what I needed to hear today and by the time we were leaving church my wife and I were both apologizing to the other about how we behaved.  We also decided that the Sunday afternoon nap from last week was something that we don’t want to skip out on today-hoping it would reset our obviously ravished bodies.

I am still feeling the effects of my run yesterday.  It’s funny I really didn’t feel so bad last night then felt a little worse this morning and then felt even worse after getting up from my nap—wonder what tomorrow’s going to bring!

Lunch was leftover salmon and some asparagus MMM MMM MMM.  Loved every bite.  My sons both had pizza for lunch and my 8 year old was asking for some salmon—I thought it ironic that are trying to eat healthy but then tell him to eat his pizza because mom and dad didn’t have any food that we could eat other than the salmon.  I quickly realized how crazy it sounded so of course we did let him eat some.

Our afternoon Sunday nap was AWESOME! Although as I said before I woke up more sore than when I went to bed!  I cooked dinner for an uncle who came over to have me look at a few legal documents—dinner was our lemon-herb chicken cooked in coconut oil, onions, garlic and lemon juice along with a medley of vegetables mixed in some quinoa with sweet potatoes cooked in coconut oil with sea salt and coriander.  It was great—and we had a great talk for a few hours (too long but it was good).

Did feel much better tonight than this morning—maybe it was the carrots after all… darn carrots! You may not get another chance from me for a long time.

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