Sunday, March 31, 2013

Day 74 – Heave Ho!

Late morning, but I did go on a run today.  I’m not much of a runner but I know it is suppose to help (I guess any exercise for that matter) with overcoming candida.  When I run it is usually very easy for me to get distracted—usually watching all the cars that go by and am very observant.  But, today I wanted to try to keep a good time (todays average time was 9:37 pace over 3.51 miles) which I know isn’t great but it is pretty good for me.

I walked up our hill to the street where I run and took a few minutes to stretch—it was a pretty cold day and the whole walk up I thought about turning around and going home but I made it to the corner did my stretches and then hit the trail hard.  I listened to Pandora Classic Rock Power workout to get pumped up, but I also did something I have never really done before running.  I look as far ahead as I could and still have a focus on an object—any object that would give me good distance and something to focus on.

As I ran I focused on the object and decided not to take my eye off it.  As I thought about quitting I would just think: “I only have to make it to the light post” and then as soon as I would pass the marker I would look forward to the next—even rarely looking down at my watch to see what my average pace was.  Now I know this is not rocket science and most of you reading this are probably thinking… “yeah… Duh!”  But understand that this is not me, I usually just run with my end goal of getting home and usually let the speed and cards fall where they may and more often than not it feels like they fall to the leisurely run—maybe I’m turning over a new leaf in running?

Nothing real special about our breakfast and lunch but we did have an interesting dinner—before I get to that though I have to tell you about todays garlic experience.  This mornings dose went down without a hitch… OK, a slight hitch, it did burn going down and it did hit my stomach and give me a nice nauseous feeling but I held it down. Well… after lunch was a different story.

My wife has been better with the garlic than I have been today so we prepared (minced) her “dose” first.  She chased it down with water and seemed to do OK—I use OK lightly because it did make her nauseous and feel very sick but she held it down.  I, on the other hand, was not so lucky.  No sooner did I swallow the garlic and chase it with what felt like a load of water when I started feeling very nauseous and getting the shakes so bad it hurt but this time it didn’t stop there.  My mouth started to water and I kept having to spit into the sink (a trick I use—and I think most people use—to keep from throwing up) but it didn’t work.

As my wife left the room she heard the effects of the garlic but didn’t stick around or come back for the show.  Thank goodness I didn’t totally lose lunch and it seemed my stomach just expelled the garlic I had just swallowed—almost as if to say: “Yeah… not this time buddy—take that!”  I was still hunched over the sink for another 5 minutes waiting for my body to calm itself down until I felt well enough to walk away, which I did.  I decided that I had had enough for the day after that dose!

OK, so dinner was an interesting dinner—we decided to go to a steak house and try some tenderloin steak cooked rare.  I have always been a medium rare fan but never have tried the rare, but since my cousin told of the benefits she felt somebody can get by eating their “ancestral diet” we thought: “What the heck!”  Our waitress happened to be an old childhood friend who gave us the most classic look when we told her how we wanted our steaks cooked.

To make it even better we had to have a word with the kitchen manager to ensure there would be no “illegal” stuff on our steaks.  He was very good about it and my old friend insisted there were people who come in that are much worse than us at what the demand but I wasn’t totally convinced.  Anyway… it was a pretty good steak, not the best I’ve ever had but good.

Nothing new or earth shattering to report on the progress front—overall I do feel like my well-being is getting better every day but it is hard to measure unless I look back at my blog posts to see where I was.  Definitely not as ornery as last weekend but still not as good as I’d like to be.

My mom-in-law came over tonight and we gave her some of our cacao pow as well as a slice of our almond flour brown bread—both Excellent!... I think she likes coming over for those reasons. 

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